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UK Sound Studios is a world leading recording studio specialising in professional Voice Overs and Audio Productions to the United Kingdom and businesses around the world. We have handpicked the most respected and professional voice artists in the country to ensure all our audio productions are of the highest standards. Our production music librarys are also royalty free which means you dont have to pay continuing licensing fees and what's even better is that all our voice overs come with a music mixed version at no extra charge.

We have been in the voiceover business for years and know how to direct and edit our voice talent to give your audio production the edge!

Recent Audio Projects

Client: MyCarms
Voice Talent: Female Voice Talent 4

UK Sound Studios recorded and mixed the voice over and royalty free production music for this corporate introduction video.


The video is not the final vision used in the mastering of this project.

Client: Onirik
Voice Talent: Male Voice Talent 3

Male Talent 3 was booked in for the recording session on this online web video. UK Sound Studios edited the voiceover, selected the backing track and mixed the voice over with royalty free music ready for the final mastering with visuals.

Client: Zenolite
Voice Talent: Male Voice Talent 3

Voiceover and audio was recording with Male Talent 3. The music complemented the sophisticated style of the product being promoted. Male voice talent 3 was chosen for his warm professional reading style.

Client: International Water Association
Voice Talent: Female Voice Talent 10
UK Sound Studios recorded the voice over for The International Water Association web video. Thsi video and music mix is not from the final master. Voice artist 10 did an amazing job on the delivery.


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UK Sound Studios is a United Kingdom Audio Production company specialising in the recording of Voice Artists and composing of Production Music. Our Voice Overs and Voiceover productions can be heard on Radio and Television Stations, Telephone Music On Hold Systems, Website Audio and Corporate Videos all around the world. We are extremely passionate about Audio Productions and our Production Studios together with our Audio Engineers make us the market leaders.